EU shipping update

EU Shipping Details

From 1st Jan 2021 there are new rules with exporting items to the EU from England, depending on your order value.

  • Orders valued under €22 are unaffected.
  • Orders valued €22-€150 may be subject to customs clearance/handling fee upon arrival the the border of your country.
  • Orders valued €150+ will possibly also be subject to VAT in addition to the customs/handling fees.

Any charges are completely out of my control, and are charged to you by directly by the shipping handler, who will notify you directly before releasing your goods to you, or in some cases after delivery. Each country determines it's own rates and I cannot predict if they will be applied/how much your country will charge. If an order is returned to me on the basis of a refusal to pay the fees due, I will only be able to refund minus any costs incurred to me, plus an administration charge of £5 for orders under £250 and £10 for orders over £250.

The new customs checks may also cause delays, please be aware your tracking information looks the same from my end as the shipper to you as the customer and I cannot see any additional info or chase orders unless they are more than 30 days overdue.

I regret all this is necessary, it is crushing for any small business with so many customers in the EU, and I thank those of you that continue to support me and my work <3