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Can I reserve an item?

No, we are no longer able to offer reserves. The only way to secure an item is to request it as a custom when spaces and specimens are advertised via our Instagram account - @Skullpturas.


My item has been accidentally damaged, what should I do?

Accidents happen, and the nature of the pieces are fragile. Firstly DON’T PANIC, most damage is repairable or salvageable. Please message us with pictures of the damage and we will be able to quote for a repair. We may not always be able to return it to its original condition but we will always do our best.


How long does a commission/custom item take?

This varies, depending on what we have in stock (as we rely on found items it can sometimes take weeks to source a particular skull or insect to work with – these then also need to be processed before decorative work can start). Skull work usually takes around 10 days to complete once the skull is cleaned, and insects around 2-3 days once dried.

Message us with your ideas and we will be able to give a more accurate picture of time, we always aim to complete custom work as quickly as possible and items can be posted Special Delivery upon request.


How do you source your skulls?

We source and clean all our skulls ourselves through natural death, please see our ‘Ethics’ tab for more info.


Can I upgrade my postage method?

Yes! Please message us and we will be happy to arrange a postage upgrade.


How do I care for my item?

Please see the ‘Aftercare’ tab for guidance on this, or message us if you have any specific questions post-purchase.

Will you tell me how to do this?

I do not give out advice or instruction on how to do any aspect of my work. I have spent a long time learning through trial and error, and perfecting my techniques and methods so you don't have to! I will not give out advice on tools, technique or sources.