Can I reserve an item?

Unfortunately no, I am unable to offer reserves. However if you do miss out on an item it may be possible to commission a similar piece. Please see the commissions tab for information.


Will you tell me how to do this?

For instructional videos please visit my Patreon here: www.patreon.com/skullpturas

I do not give out advice or instruction on how to gild insects or preserve webs.

I have spent a long time learning through trial and error, and perfecting my techniques and methods so you don't have to!


My item has been accidentally damaged, what should I do?

Accidents happen, and the nature of the pieces are fragile. Firstly don't panic, most damage is repairable or salvageable. Please message me with pictures of the damage and I will be able to quote for a repair. I may not always be able to return it to its original condition but I will always do my best.


Do you take pet commissions?

Yes! I am always honoured to be entrusted with peoples pets. Please send me an email with some pictures to discuss this prior to your pets passing.


Do you kill animals / how do you source your skulls?

I do not. Please see the ‘Ethics’ tab for more info.


Can I upgrade my postage method?

Yes! Please send me an email and I will be happy to arrange a postage upgrade.


How do I care for my item?

Please see the ‘Aftercare’ tab for guidance on this, or email if you have any specific questions post-purchase.