FAQ & Aftercare

Will you tell me how to do this?

For instructional videos please visit Patreon here: www.patreon.com/skullpturas

How do I look after/display my artwork?

In order to keep your piece looking its best, proper placement and regular dsusting are essential. It is vital to keep your artwork away from damp. Damage from water can usually not be salvaged so this is really important. Display out of direct sunlight as this will cause fading from UV damage. Also consider children and pets when positioning your piece, cats in particular.

I do not reccomend opening pieces as this can introduce moisture. Don't use water to remove residual dust, this will cause drag from the duster/paintbrush on the piece and damage it. Water will also matte the metal and cause water spots.


My item has been accidentally damaged, what should I do?

Accidents happen, and the nature of the pieces are fragile. Most damage is repairable or salvageable. Please message me with pictures of the damage and I will be able to quote for a repair. 


Do you take pet commissions?

Yes, I am always honoured to be entrusted with peoples pets. Please send me an email with some pictures to discuss this prior to your pets passing.

Can I upgrade my postage method?

Yes! Please send me an email and I will be happy to arrange a postage upgrade.

How do you source your work?
All specimens are legally and responsibly sourced, with slightly different sources for vertebrates and invertebrates: For vertebrates (mammals, birds etc.) I only use roadkill or natural death (eg. pet trade) I treat all animals with respect when processing, and any unused remains are buried in my garden to return to nature. For bone processing I use a combination of controlled burial and cold water maceration. For invertebrates (insects) any UK native insects are also found via natural death (wild-collected). Exotic/non-native insects are sourced responsibly from a variety of sources both in the UK and abroad. All insects are pinned and set by me. I have friends and contacts abroad who send me natural death specimens, as well as a small selection of sustainable insect breeding programs in tropical countries. I do not work with cites/protected or endangered species, with the exception of comissions on personal pets where the specimen is provided by the customer.