Gothic Gift Guide 2022

If you would like to submit your products to be included please see the template below, and make sure you have the necessary information ready to email me. You will not be charged until I have recieved enough submissions to be certain the project will go ahead, but you will receive an email confirmation to confirm your place is held within 1 week from submission. I am estimating costs per person to be around £30-£35, which will be for 1000 print copies.

This is a curated guide that will be printed and distributed across the country. They will be free to the public. The fee will cover print costs and distribution, I will make no profit from this project.

Email the following information to with the subject line 'Gothic Gift Guide'
Business name:
Bio/about:    (2/3 lines, max 25 words)
Other link:    (eg facebook or patreon)  *optional*
Logo:    (cropped square)

Please inlcude the following for each of your four products:
Title-    (max 1 line)
Description-    (max 2 lines)
Price-    (can be set price or a range e.g. £10-£25)
Image-    (cropped square, clear image with no text over it. Please name the image file to match the product title)