Framed Gilded Bumblebee

£80.00 GBP - £109.00 GBP
Framed Gilded Bumblebee

I have XL, Large, Medium and Small sized bumble bees, in A- or A+ condition. I will send you the best condition bee I have at the time of pre-order.
For reference, Medium sized bees are the size most commonly seen buzzing around. Large ones are big, with the XL size being the rarest size for me to find. XL are only found late in the year and make up less than 5% of the bees I find.

Frame size is approx 7" or 18cm.

This is a PRE-ORDER. I will make these to order - meaning I do not have any 'ready to ship'. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks from date of pre-order to shipping confirmation.

Please see the second picture for (approximate) bee size comparison.

A+ means near perfect condition, A- means there may be some damage ie a missing foot or antenna.
Please note I do not take requests in the comment box at checkout regarding condition of the bee. You will be sent the best condition bee I have in the size you purchase.

Species may vary but are generally a Bombus terrestris or Bombus lucorum.

UK - Free
International - Tracked