Oval Spiderweb Frames

£35.00 GBP
Oval Spiderweb Frames

Oval shaped spiderweb frames, 1-4 are hand painted in satin black and web 5 is high-shine gloss. Contains a real unique spiderweb. Please check pictures carefully to make sure you order the correct web. The frame can be free-standing or wall hanging.

Measurements are from widest points.
Frame size
15cmx10cm or 4"x6"
Web size
6cmx9cm or 2.4"x3.5"

Webs are treated, preserved and mounted on cardstock and sealed in the frame to protect them. Please do not attempt to open the frame as this may destroy the web. These are ethically collected, no spiders are harmed or evicted.

*Please note measurements are approximate where provided.